Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cubicle Returns (2011)

Is cubicle returned and talking to me again? Hopefully, there will be more posts putting up here within the next few weeks, months, on the portion of my little thought and life experience, on what I have been through, places that I visited, people who I met and not met and new hobby picked up for the past 2 years, where my missing posts were supposingly be here. For me, being consistent on writting posts seems lot harder than starting a new blog, and would want to thank one of my friend for the encouragement and support given.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Diversity and Inclusiveness, an integral part of retaining the best people, regardless of their gender, nationality, age, background, sexual orientation. And we need food in the same way that car needs fuel.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Say No Nicely

I was figuring where my time goes, was working long hours for the past few days for a push to make a deadline, and something unexpected that came along, was working all the hours God sends by giving in to almost every request, trying to satisfy every demand. And now I need to stop this kind of behaviour by saying no nicely, in a way that nobody takes offence.

So how would I do that?

Turn off the thing on my computer that goes 'bing' when an email arrives and get into the habit of only checking emails four times everyday. Reason being that we are not email answering machine and email is a tool that we use. This can be difficult, and I accept that different job may be different. What I want to do is to get myself focusing on what is really important than the little things, which could achieve more by working less. No one ever said life was easy, but it does not really have to be this hard.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Drank it and chopped it

Coconuts are always cool to me and fresh coconuts are the best. There are not so tall coconut trees along the road laden with fruits but there are no people willing to climb up these trees to pluck the coconut fruits. However, a friend of mine, as strong as lion, came with his boy to perform the coconut-plucking job at the backyard of the house.

Despite swarm of attacking army ants on the trunk, efforts bear fruit. Total of 10 coconuts were spun and twisted off, and time to enjoy one of the greatest gifts of this planet. Normally I will have my coconut water from a straw, but at that particular time, I arched my back and drank it. Somehow it tasted a bit sweeter than normal.

From left to right: Al E the boy, Angel, and Nil

Having chatting and chilling for a while, a Remote Control Helicopter which is capable of moving up, down, left and right that I bought few months ago was taken out. It comes with rechargeable battery, charger, a ready to fly (RTF) helicopter, and a radio controller. This awesome RC helicopter will normally entertain me for 20 minutes the most, mostly because of the capacity of the battery, and the frustration of not being able to control it.

Few attempts were made but all to little avail. Nevertheless, it is important that we tried. New and innovative way of having fun with this flying object was found out at last which performed the same basic function as lawnmower.

RC Helicopter with auto stable and very easy to fly feature is in demand.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

not funny

What am I going to do with mine

Be grateful for everyone and for what I have now.
Do it now! We only have so much time left and appreciate every moment of existence.
Be grateful for the fact that we have the eyes to see, the opportunity of a new day, and simply being alive.
Choose to feel depressed and unhappy, or choose to find something to appreciate, and change the point of attraction at every moment.
Life is fragile. And being happy is a choice we must make each day when we wake up.

Appreciate every moment, look for solutions and try the best to live in moment as well as appreciate it.
Take a moment to appreciate how nice a quiet night can be while writing on cubicle.
How wonderful it is that I have access to the internet and find literally any information that I want.

Things that I want to do or achieve from this point onwards in my life.

Be alert at all times, be alert, be aware, and have a plan.
Become more organized
Find my purpose in life
Eat healthy
Have multiple sources of income
Achieve financial freedom
Cook decent meal for her
Finish Sons de Carrilhoes part 2
Spend few nights at Taj Exotica Resort and Spa
and lots more with first step of being grateful.

Go gratitude.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back from Holiday

Back to work, beating the post holiday stress
Things appear to be getting Back to normal
Back from holiday
Back by popular demand
Back from the moment of silence of this site
and finally, plan my next holiday to give me something to look forward to.

T4 is coming Back on screen and I need a Back support desk chair.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Longer than Average

Starting to grow my hair longer and it's a difficult in-between stage.

Never had lots of different hairstyle over the time and never delayed my visit to salon,
guess that my hair literally refuses to grow anymore.

Short, messy, long, bald, faux-hawk, curly, wavy, mod, spiky, and Fro..

However, long haircuts are worth taking care of because on the right faces with the right looks,
I do agree that long haircuts looks cool

with bed head look, partly covering the face

It's time to adopt the hippie philosophy of love, peace and freedom.

Our hair is our beauty, care our hair carefully